ATX Comforts of Home 2011
Shaping the look of austin

Bite-sized E.A.S.T lists for shutterbugs, thrill-seekers, furniture fanatics, jewelers and 3D buffs

We've narrowed down the overwhelming 300 studios and exhibition spaces on the 10th anniversary of the East Austin Studio Tour into five even more bite-sized, best-of lists.

These are designed for those who want to spend a day absorbing art from their favorite genre, like just jewelry, furniture, photography and more. Combine with our recommendations from Monday for the ultimate E.A.S.T. guide.


Good photography can stir the soul, inspire the masses and really rouse something deep within you. There are lots of great photographers showing their work this year; here are ten we're loving. (The numbers below correspond to the map and catalog.)

9b) Liz Moskowitz, guest at Pine Street Station
9c) Jamie Rood, guest at Graphic Glass Studio 
50c) John Langmore, guest at Delta Millworks
50g) Bob Wynn, guest at Delta Millworks 
62c) Steven Noreyko at Cobra Studios
62d) Ryan Paul at Cobra Studios 
62e) Thomas Jack Hilton, guest at Cobra Studios 
90) Sarah Wilson of Sarah Wilson Photography
96a) Christina Berry, Pleasant Valley Ranch
103) Grace McEvoy


Images (Left to right, top to bottom): Sarah WilsonThomas Jack HiltonGrace McEvoy and Jamie Rood


Simply the hardest thing ever was narrowing down this list. It's basically our picks of must-see's if you have no time constraints and are totally mobile. They're the artists that have piqued our curiosities; we totally had to pick twelve instead of ten. (The numbers below correspond to the map and catalog.)

54h) Nicholas Dertien at ARTPOST  
54n) Paul Clarence Oglesby, Jr. at ARTPOST
66a) Craig Newswanger of Resonance Studio
75i) Jason Webb at Big Medium
75n) Clarke Curtis at Big Medium
75u) Jana Swec at Big Medium
83) Arthur Simone
92b) Cherie Weaver at The Bread Factory
93b) Traci Hutson
106) Erin Curtis
122) Jennifer Balkan 

139) Heidi Schlenk


Images (Left to right, top to bottom)Jana SwecJason WebbErin Curtis and Clarke Curtis


For fans of sitting, eating, sleeping and working on furniture that's good-looking, handmade and local, you'll enjoy visiting with many of Austin's creative furniture makers who employ many methods and use many materials to create their functional art. We love the style of the ten designers below. (The numbers below correspond to the map and catalog.)

30b) Justin Telepak of Indio Arts  at the Phoenix
31) Brian Frisbie
39) Ryan Anderson of RAD Furniture
43) Hatch Workshop
44) Michael Yates of Michael Yates Design 
50a) Bixby and Bray at Delta Milworks
50b) Robert Davis of Urban Ranch House
52c) Brian David Johnson 
53a) Hawkeye Glenn of Blacksmith Industries 
53b) Mark Macek of Macek Furniture Company 
65) Larry Isgur of Massif Concrete  


Images (Left to right, top to bottom): Mark MacekBrian FrisbieRyan Anderson and Michael Yates


Humans love to adorn themselves. Austinites (also humans) love to accessorize, too, and with local jewelry makers who painstakingly create lovely charms, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more. Here are eight local folks making art you can walk away wearing. (The numbers below correspond to the map and catalog.)

35d) Lisa Crowder, guest of Ryan McKerley
36a) Abby Mandel 
54f) Jodi Rae Brownstein at ARTPOST
57r) Edson Enriquez of Limbo Jewelry Design Studio 
70) Zoe Comings
76d) Kerrin Falk Forsyth at Pump Project Satellite
101a) Rene Guest of Rene Guest Jewelry Design House
101b) Margot Wolf of Rene Guest Jewelry Design House  


Images (Left to right, top to bottom): Margot WolfKerrin Falk ForsythLisa Crowder and Edson Enriquez


If you like your art a little bit more in-your-face, you might enjoy this list of ten sculpters who are on the tour this year. Not afraid to jump off the canvas and create art in all directions, materials and scales, you'll enjoy the variety of styles represented. (The numbers below correspond to the map and catalog.)

12a) Barry George of Barry George Sculpture Studio
35e) Anne Woods, guest of Ryan McKerley 
52b) Chris Levack at Splinter Group North
55) Michael Bennett of Central Machine Works
61e) Jose Acosta of Studio 727
75o) Matt Norris at Big Medium
77) Philippe Klinefelter
112a) Colby Brinkman of Metal Mantis Productions 
118) Scott Saunders
123a) Roger Foster


Images (Left to right, top to bottom): Anne Woods, Matt Norris, Scott Saunders and Chris Levack