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5 weird Austin workouts to shake up your fitness routine in 2019

5 weird Austin workouts to shake up your fitness routine in 2019

Sky Candy Austin exercise class
Test your agility and core strength at Sky Candy. Sky Candy/Facebook

For many, each new year is an opportunity to finally commit to a steady workout routine. But getting fit doesn’t have to mean endless push-ups and crunches at your home gym or hating every moment of that grueling HIIT class.

Working out can (and should) be fun, and at these five Austin studios, it’s as much about letting loose as it is about toning up. Whatever your health resolutions are for 2019, these classes will make you sweat — and make you smile.

Sky Candy Austin
Aerial yoga, trapeze classes, and more

Sky Candy, a circus training center at Springdale Station, brings the big top to you. From Pole Fit to Aerial Burlesque to Trapeze Fit, the classes are designed to strengthen the core, build upper-body strength, and improve flexibility. Flaunt your skills on the high wire and let go of stress while flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Ballet Austin’s Butler Center for Dance & Fitness
Bollywood and Cardiofunk classes

While Ballet Austin is best known for being the city's premier ballet company, there are myriad open adult classes each week to add fresh moves to your workout routine. Cardiofunk Dance Fitness, a high-energy cardio class, is perfect for those who’ve tried Zumba and want to dance like no one’s watching, while a Bollywood class tests your skills with both high- and low-energy combinations.

Urban Air Trampoline Park
Open trampolines, ropes courses, and more

While Urban Air Trampoline Park doesn’t offer official classes, it’s the perfect stress-relieving activity that will take you back to childhood. The family-friendly park has ropes courses to test agility, an American Ninja Warrior-style course, and high-tech trampolines. NASA has even stated that jumping on a trampoline is more effective than jogging for improving cardiovascular health.

Inner Diva Studios
Fitness Hoop Dance

Hula-hooping isn’t just for the kids; it’s a great way to burn calories, too. Even if your hoop skills are a little rusty, this innovative class uses creative choreography to boost heart health and build strength.

Hill Country Indoor
Athlete in Motion (AIM) classes

AIM classes at Hill Country Indoor, a 140,000-square-foot sports-and-fitness complex, are all about rediscovering your inner athlete, pushing limits, and training like a superhero over a four-week period. Check out AIM Strong, a high-intensity resistance-training class; the women-only circuit-training class; or AIM Movement & Mobility, a low-intensity class focusing on body weight exercises, recovery, and form.