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Thousands in Austin without power due to storm and rolling outages

Thousands in Austin without power due to storm and rolling outages

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Heavy snows in Austin mixed with ice and high winds have sparked power outages across the city. Photo by Katie Friel

UPDATE: As of 7 am Tuesday, February 16, more than 215,000 people are without power. Austin Energy said the state is still not allowing it to restore power to 42 percent of the city because of “grid stability concerns.” 


KVUE — In addition to leading to several crashes and many school closures across the Austin area, the winter weather has also caused power outages across the area.

According to Austin Energy, the average of all outages from the beginning of the icy weather has been 183 minutes. It has 15 forestry crews, as well as 30 crews, 75 personnel, and 40 trucks during the day, and 16 crews, 40 personnel, and 25 trucks overnight.

These outages are separate from planned rotating outages requested by ERCOT as electricity demand exceeds supply. For information on how the rolling outages work in Austin, click here.

Here's how you can check for outages in your area:

Austin Energy
As of 5:50 am Monday, February 15, Austin Energy received a directive from ERCOT to operate the rolling outages. The average outage of the rolling blackout is about 45 minutes. Outages that are longer may be due to weather-related issues.

As of around 10:30 am, more than 196,020 people are without power. That means that about 40 percent of Austin Energy customers are without power.

At 7:15 am, Austin Energy said it "has shed load on all available circuits that do not include critical load. This has impacted our ability to rotate outages among customers. Electric load must be reduced in order to fully restore service across the ERCOT grid."

In the city's press conference Monday, Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent said ERCOT had advised the utility company that the outage situation was likely to continue through the night and possibly into Tuesday, February 16 afternoon.


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