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This Texas neighborhood drives in with the state's highest car insurance rates

Texas neighborhood drives in with state's highest car insurance rates

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Auto insurance rates around the state are higher than the national average.  Photo courtesy of ABC13

Austin drivers are actually unlocking lower-than-average car insurance bills, a new study shows.

For its fifth annual national study, explored 83 million car insurance premiums across every ZIP code in the U.S. as impacted by common variables such as driver age, gender, driving record, financial behaviors, and the cars themselves.

At $1,465, insurance rates in Austin are lower than the state average of $1,498. San Antonio also fellow below the state average, coming in at $1,477. 

While auto insurance rates have fallen nationally for the first time since 2013, most other Texas drivers haven't been so lucky. Texas is one of the few states where rates have actually increased year-over-year for 2021. One town has been hit particularly hard — more on that in a minute.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, the average annual cost for car insurance is $1,506. Houston is a even higher, at $1,598. Aldine, just north of Houston, has the highest car insurance rates in the state, averaging $1,852 per year.

"Despite a drop in driving with COVID-19 related lockdowns, Houston car insurance rates defied the trend and rose more than five percent," says Nicole Beck, licensed insurance agent and head of communications at The Zebra. "Flash flooding and an increase in risky driving behavior could be the culprit. An increase in claims in Houston means an increase in insurance rates for all. Drivers should continue to be safe behind the wheel and protect their vehicles from snow and other hazards to prevent individual rates from rising."

Elsewhere in the Lone Star State, Langtry, Texas, which sits near where the Pecos River meets the Rio Grande, has the lowest rate, just $1,281 annually. Other low-cost areas for insurance include Kenney, Edna, Port O'Connor, Alleyton, and Chappell Hill, all cities that are east of Austin.

Texas is near the top when it comes to annual car insurance costs though the state average of $1,498 is not nearly as high as it is in the three most expensive states for car insurance: Louisiana ($2,304), Florida ($2,324), and Michigan ($2,535).


This article originally appeared on our sister site AutomotiveMap.