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Austin home to huge share of households with kids, says new study

Austin home to huge share of households with kids, says new study

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Almost 30 percent of Austin households have kids. Photo courtesy of Elyson

If the folks behind the Full House franchise ever move ahead with a third incarnation of the cult-favorite TV series, they might want to look at Texas as the setting.

Four Texas cities rank among the top 10 large cities in the U.S. for their big share of households with children under 18 — and most of them boast large households, as well.

Austin ranks eighth nationally, with 29.3 percent of local households having children under 18. Ahead of Austin are Houston (No. 2) and Dallas (No. 4); San Antonio follows at No. 10. 

Michigan-based Lombardo Homes assembled the rankings, released February 16, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Second-ranked Houston has a share of 33.8 percent of households with children under 18. And, it ranks fourth among large cities for the average number of people per household (3.3).

According to the Lombardo Homes rankings only Fresno, California, tops Houston for the share of households with children under 18 (35.8 percent). Ahead of Houston for average household size are Fresno (3.57), Los Angeles (3.41), and Las Vegas (3.33). 

Fourth-ranked Dallas has a 32.5 percent share of households with kids; it comes in eighth for average people per household, at 3.28.

In No. 10 San Antonio, 29.2 percent of homes have children under 18, and in the category of average number of people per household, San Antonio comes in at No. 11 (3.18). Austin, however, is on the other side of the spectrum at No. 31, with 2.91 people per home.

Overall, the trend of big families is on the decline, the report says.

"The number of families in America has been on the decline for 20 years," the report says. "In the last decade alone, the number of households where parents live with children under the age of 18 has declined by more than three million (though you wouldn’t know it from the strength of the custom new construction market)."

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Ranking and review website Niche.com lists Austin as the No. 33 best city best city in the U.S. for families, with Houston at No. 69, San Antonio at No. 81, and Dallas at No. 92.