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New study says Austin is one of the most fun cities in the country

New study says Austin is one of the most fun cities in the country

Austin skyline lake
Austin, Texas: We like to have fun here.  Photo by Katie Friel

We may joke that there is always something going on in Austin, but now we have proof that, yes, there is literally always something going on in Austin. According to a new study by ticketing and marketing platform Eventbrite, not only do we host a ton of events, but Austinites are happy to participate in the fun.

Analyzing ticket data trends in the country's 25 biggest cities, Eventbrite was able to determine what kind of events are popular in each place. Using four umbrella categories (Live Music & Concerts, Fitness Events, Food & Drink Events and Art Events), each city was then ranked by the popularity of each category. Unsurprisingly, Austin ranked in the top 10 across the board. (Well, almost. It seems we're not as keen on fitness events.)

For Live Music & Concerts, Austin earned her Live Music Capital of the World moniker beating out Nashville; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles and New York City to be named the top city for music. Austin came in at No. 1 in all categories including electronic music, rock 'n' roll, country, hip-hop and jazz. Joining us in the top three were San Francisco (No. 2) and Houston (No. 3). 

Austin did almost as well in Food & Drink Events, which should surprise no one considering our burgeoning culinary scene. Overall, we ranked No. 4 in the country, coming in behind New York City, San Francisco and Chicago, respectively.

Proving we're about more than music and food, Austin also ranked high in Art Events, coming in at No. 6. New York City took the top spot followed by Los Angeles (No. 2), San Francisco (No. 3), Houston (No. 4) and Chicago (No. 5). 

And though Austin has been named one of the fittest cities in America, it looks like we have been dethroned. San Francisco, San Diego and New York City took the top three spots while the Capital City earned a paltry No. 15. It seems Austinites aren't too fond of running events, but we did earn a semi-respectable No. 12 when it comes to yoga class attendance. Namaste, y'all.