Steve Hicks

The decorated innovator humbly leading businesses, students and those in recovery

Influential Steve Hicks humbly leading business & recovery

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Steve Hicks Photo by Bill Sallans

Steve Hicks is a man who has not only made great strides to improve the industries in which he's worked, but also taken great care to better himself and serve as motivation to those around him in business, philanthropy and addiction recovery.

With a bio that reads dense with impressive accomplishments and awards in the radio industry — including the historical local marketing agreement which allowed the consolidation of radio station operations and turned many stations back towards profitability — he's a self proclaimed soft-spoken man who humbly takes life and its challenges "one day at a time."

While Hicks was declared one of the 10 Most Powerful People in Radio in 1997, his current full-time focus is Executive Chairman of private investment firm Capstar Partners, LLC, where he lends his innovative hand to the likes of Andrew Harper, Inc. and Harden Healthcare, expanding the breadth of his focus to travel and healthcare.

Beyond the office, he's sure to keep his proverbial plate full and balanced with critical leadership roles on the University of Texas Board of Regents and Austin Recovery.

"I have been sober for nine years and work hard to help others break the cycle of addiction," he says, bridging what, for students, can feel like an irreconcilable gap between themselves and the illustrious Board of Regents by personally working at the UT Center for Students in Recovery.

"We're very grateful for Regent Hicks' support of our students. Having the support of someone at his level in the University is both meaningful and validating for students in recovery," says Center Director Ivana Grahovac.

With Hicks' help, the Board of Regents recently approved close to 1 million dollars to establish what are considered premiere recovery centers at UT's eight other academic campuses within the next five years.

What is your chief characteristic?

Good listener, honest and a good problem solver.

Your idea of happiness?

Sunrise coffee with a spectacular view.

Your idea of misery?

Public speaking or shopping in a mall.

What is your favorite pastime?

Exotic travel and seeing a new part of the world.

Your pet aversion?

Narcissistic people with entitlement issues.

Who are your heroes?

Warren Buffet — for making billions and then giving it to someone else's foundation.

Your favorite motto?

One day at a time.