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BBC names Austin the world's best city for dating and includes really unhelpful advice

Austin named world's best city for dating — for really odd reasons

Austin is no stranger to lists, but this one has us shaking our heads. Using data from the Travel Channel, Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler, BBC has named the five best cities in the world for dating — and Austin is one of them.

Joining Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, and Montreal, Austin is praised as the perfect town for sad singles to find love. But then it gets weird. Instead of noting, say, our younger population, reputation as a creative and technology hub or our penchant for partying like rockstars, BBC has some truly bizarre reasons for naming Austin one of the world's best cities for dating.

First, BBC notes that moving to Austin can cause "culture shock" because everyone is too polite. Once you get over the shock of having to treat people with respect, the article suggests that single people "should consider living in the neighbourhoods of Downtown, South Congress or Clarksville." The article tells sad single people that they should consider living in a condominium where they will presumably meet other sad single people at the pool or by the grill.

BBC doesn't stop with unhelpful suggestions on how to meet people; it also helps readers plan a date. According to the article, Lambert's Downtown Barbecue is one of the "hottest dating spots," and BBC suggests catching live music in the 2nd Street District. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, BBC makes the novel suggestion of watching the bats under the Congress Avenue bridge.

That being said, there is one piece of good advice in the article (provided, no less, by Chandler Jones, a sales coordinator at the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau). "There’s a saying here: if you don’t like the scene, move on to the next bar until you do."

Couple on a date drinking beer
Austin: a place for sad single people to find true love. Courtesy photo