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Austin Police Association asks officers to stop working unless 'less-lethal' force reinstated

Austin Police Association demands 'less-lethal' force be reinstated

Austin protests saturday apd 1-35
Austin's police union wants to reinstate riot gear and CS gas, commonly known as tear gas. Photo by Katie Friel

KVUE — The head of Austin's police union is fed up.

As a result, Ken Casaday said he plans to tell officers who work with the Special Response Team (SRT) and the Mobile Field Force (MFF) to not do their jobs during protests unless they get the equipment needed to protect themselves and citizens during those protests.  

On Monday, June 22, Casaday said the Austin Police Association (APA) sent a letter to its membership asking these officers to not work at protests unless the union's demands are met.

During an emergency meeting with Austin Police Chief Brian Manley on Monday, Casaday said he also planned to ask for officers to again be allowed to use CS gas and other less-lethal options during protests.

Protests are the new normal in Downtown Austin. So are ill-equipped officers, according to the APA.

"Now, they've taken our abilities to deal with riots and people that are creating havoc in our city. They've taken our CS gas away ... which hurt nobody on the interstate that day. The people left in about five seconds. It was a very effective tool," Casaday said

Casaday wants that to change.


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