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These are the best date spots in Austin, according to dating site OkCupid

These are the best date spots in Austin, according to OkCupid

Cheer Up Charlies
Cheer Up Charlies was crowned Austin's best place to make out without judgement. Photo by Bryan Parker

You swiped and swiped, braving users who think “sup” is a great conversation starter, until finally finding a match worthy of a date. Now comes the hard part of online dating: figuring out where to go when you want to turn a flirtatious banter into an IRL meet-cute.

While Austin has an endless supply of bars and restaurants — not to mention bowling alleys, museums, and parks — finding the perfect place to connect with a total stranger isn’t as easy as it sounds. (And if it goes well, you're stuck with that being your anniversary spot.) Luckily, OkCupid once again teamed up with Yelp to help make the decision just a little bit easier.

On July 16, the popular dating site and the online review forum announced the winners of the 2018 Daters' Choice Awards. Selected by combining Yelp user data and polling by OkCupid, the champions in the nine categories offer specific solutions for contemporary daters, like where to go when Saturday’s dinner turns into Sunday’s brunch.

“We get it. Dating is fun, but it can also be stressful. We want to help take the standard where-to-go and what-to-do guesswork out of the equation,” said Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer for OkCupid, in a release. “The Daters’ Choice Awards is all about providing a fun and useful guide for our users, whether they’re taking the leap of a first date or hitting the town with someone special.”

The 2018 Austin Daters' Choice Awards winners are as follows:

  • Best Morning After Brunch: Snooze an AM Eatery
  • No-Judgment Make-Out Spot: Cheer Up Charlies
  • Fitness and Wellness Date: EpicSUP Paddle Boarding
  • Best Hotel Bar: The Driskill Bar
  • Cheap Eats: Torchy’s Tacos
  • Photo Friendly Spot: Jo’s Coffee
  • Spot That Sparks Conversation: Blanton Museum of Art
  • Spot Where Drinks Could Turn Into Dinner: Whisler’s
  • Best Themed Bar: Midnight Cowboy

To celebrate these Austin’s hot spots’ contribution to newfound love, OkCupid is holding a happy hour between 6-9 pm on July 19 at Cheer Up Charlies, this year’s winner for Best No-Judgment Make-Out Spot and last year’s pick for Best Bathroom for Sex. The free event will include deals on drinks, swag giveaways, and, we assume, plenty of chances for some good ole fashioned PDA.