Say Yes to Summer Romance

Abby Dates Austin: Let go and let summer lovin' happen

Abby Dates Austin: How to let go and let summer lovin' happen

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Let summer love happen. Photo by Kari Leigh Rosenfeld

It seems rare that a tryst begins in the throes of winter: Summer is a playground for lonely, lusty hearts. Mercury just came out of its long ass retrograde, and love is in the air. So soak it up.

The thing about romances begun under a summer moon is that their beginnings can seem much more intense and passionate than those in other seasons. After all, skinny dipping and canoodling in the sunshine is what poetry and dreams are made of.

And, however fleeting they may be, summer romances can linger — if only in our minds — long after the dog days have passed.

 This summer, I imagine the memories — the sounds, the smells, the songs — that will cement themselves in my mind when the season has come to an end.  

I still remember my first summer romance that wasn’t — because those count too. We chased each other around mountain trails at a summer running camp for nerdy cross country teenagers whose idea of fun was spending the summer doing two-a-days and training in the heat. The romance came to fruition two summers later. It was worth the wait. When we reconnected, we dated for the better part of a year.

But the stolen glances of that first summer that wasn't, and his bold, yet timid request for my phone number are the parts that have stuck with me. I still can’t listen to Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down” without getting a little nostalgic for salty skin and building tension, even though it didn’t go down right away. Anticipation is half the fun of romances that are built up — and indulged in — when the days are long and the nights are steamy.

This summer, I imagine the memories — the sounds, the smells, the songs — that will cement themselves in my mind when the season (and perhaps my current romance) has come to an end. Regardless of a potential romance’s outcome, it’s these time capsules of memories that are poignant and not without purpose. These are the highs we will sit and happily sigh about when our best days are behind us. We will think fondly of the lip-biting, passion-filled summer romances of the past and remember to live fully and openly, without fear and cynicism.

So don't over think it. Don't spoil a potential tryst with plans and logic. Just let it happen. Live freely and uninhibited for a while.

Summer might be winding down, but Austin remains hot, and if you let your guard down, even if just momentarily, you might find that the unexpected and unassuming nature of a summer romance will give you some new perspective and help you see the world a bit differently.