No More Booze

No booze at Barton Springs Spillway — alcohol ban now in effect

No booze at Barton Springs Spillway — alcohol ban now in effect

Barton Springs Spillway
A new alcohol ban at Barton Springs Spillway was announced Wednesday. Courtesy of

An alcohol ban is now in effect at the Barton Springs Spillway. Beginning Tuesday, September 2, the Austin Police Department will be cracking down on — and ticketing — visitors who are consuming alcohol.

APD and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department announced the new ban on alcohol consumption in August. Those caught drinking alcohol at the spillway, which is located downstream from Barton Springs Pool, could pay a fine of up to $500. 

In August, APD also began to enforce existing ordinances that ban smoking in the park and require dogs to be on leashes at all times. There is also a swimming ban at the spillway, but the Parks Department isn't actively enforcing that at this time. In fact, the department will work with the City Council to officially allow swimming in the future. 

A 40 percent spike in crime-related activities near the spillway has occurred over the past six months. This included nearly two dozen thefts of wallets and purses in July alone, as well as increased drug-related activities and excessive alcohol use. APD hopes the new rules and greater enforcement will reduce crime-related activities.