Free Day of Yoga

Your comprehensive guide to Austin's Free Day of Yoga

Your comprehensive guide to Austin's Free Day of Yoga

Wanderlust Festival Yoga Practitioners 2014
September 7 is Austin's Free Day of Yoga. Dive into our guide, from the relaxing to the sweaty. Courtesy of Wanderlust Austin

It's no surprise that the Austin Free Day of Yoga falls on Labor Day, a day when many Americans are celebrating a break from the daily grind. This holiday, reward yourself for all your hard work with a free yoga class or five. On Monday, September 7, yoga classes in studios, community centers, rooftops, and parks all around the city will be free to the public. With diverse offerings in everything from aqua yoga to Onnit, there has never been a better time to try something new.

Free Day of Yoga is a nonprofit organization and a movement expanding all around the globe from its roots here in Austin. The first Free Day of Yoga took place in 1999, visualized as a gift to the community. Since then, it has expanded domestically and to places as far flung as Guam and the Netherlands.

Yoga has been known to relieve stress, increase flexibility, improve posture, and maybe even put a little pep in your step. Try a new teacher, a new style, or a new studio. No experience? Try a beginner's class. What follows is a mere sampling of hundreds of free classes available on the Free Day of Yoga. So grab your mat and say Om.

Early yoga
4:30 am: Sadhana at Yoga Yoga Westgate
Sadhana is defined as a means of accomplishing something. Get an early start with this two-hour session.

7 am: Sunrise Yoga Class in the Park at Rosemary Denny Park
Spend your morning in a deep stretch at the ceremonial center stage as the day dawns.

7 am: Free Day of Yoga Kickoff at Whole Foods Lamar
This 75-minute Hatha session will take place on the Whole Foods plaza, so don't forget your sunscreen.

8:30 am: Rise and Shine at Barton Springs (South Gate)
This sunny Hatha Flow session will take place right alongside lovely Barton Springs. Enjoy the class and then take a dip in the cold Springs!

Beginner yoga
9 am: Yoga 101 Castle Hill Fitness
Get the basics of Hatha Yoga with a sampling of a beginner yoga series starting September 8.

Noon: Beginner Yoga at Trybe Yoga
This Leander class promises a non-intimidating atmosphere.

3 pm: Intro to Hatha at Black Lagoon: Art + Yoga
Blend art and breath with this beginner class at the intimate Black Lagoon Gallery. Space is limited, so reserve your spot online.

Sweaty yoga
9:15 am: Bikram Yoga Class at PURE Bikram Yoga - South
Come hydrated to this 90-minute session and sweat through 26 postures.

9:15 am: B90Y True Fix at BeneFIT Bikram Yoga
105 Degrees, 50 percent humidity, 100 percent chance of sweat.

Noon: Hot Onnit at Black Swan Yoga Orchard
For those who love a challenge, this class blends a yoga warm-up and cool-down with lifting in a 90 degree room.

Relaxing yoga
2 pm: Restorative Yoga at Yoga Vela
Relax and unwind with supported postures held for extended periods of time. Reserve your spot by emailing

5 pm: Restorative Yoga at the Jewish Community Center
Relaxation is the name of the game in this calming 60-minute session.

7:30 pm: Sunset Slowdown at Yoga Illumined
A gentle class to help you bid farewell to the day and bring peace to your evening.

Prenatal yoga
6 pm: Prenatal Yoga at Yoga Yoga Northwest and Westgate
Offered both north and south, prenatal yoga is a great way to relax the body as you get ready for baby, while making friends with other expecting mothers.

Yoga to heal
8:30 am: Thriver Yoga at Yoga Illumined
A 60-minute session for women in all stages of cancer survival.

9 am: Yoga Therapy for Balancing Digestion at Yoga Yoga North
Experience different postures and breathing techniques to aid in better digestion.

10:30 am: Yoga for the Low Back at Sol Healing & Wellness
Relieve tension in the lower back with this 75-minute session.

6 pm: Life Mastery Coaching at Austin Yoga Tree
The goal of this practice is to "rewire how your brain thinks and processes information."

Yoga for kids
9 am: Crawlers and Toddlers at Yoga Yoga Westgate
A class for both mother and child, this session balances a yoga practice for mom with breaks and movement for little ones.

3 pm: Fifth - Eighth Grade Kids Yoga at The Little Yoga House
Tweens can unwind and relax during this 30-minute session. The Little Yoga House offers kid's yoga from Pre-K through middle school.

Guided meditation
12:30 pm: Intro to Yoga Meditation with the Yoga Meditation Group at Austin Belly Dance Studio
Seating and refreshments will be available at this calming session featuring simple techniques.

7 pm: Kirtan: Mellow & Rock Out with the Yoga Meditation Group at Haven House
Sing your soul with other open hearts and enjoy refreshments in this 60-minute session.

7 pm: Gong Meditation at Tao Health & Fitness
Surrender to the vibration of the gong and feel anxieties fall away.

Noteworthy yoga
9 am: Yoga in the Garden at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden
Unwind in beautiful surroundings with this 60-minute Hatha class.

11:45 am: Yoga with a Friend at Body Business Anderson Lane
It takes two to achieve these postures! Bring a friend and a mat for fun and relaxation.

Noon: Aqua Yoga - Gentle at Floating Lotus Watsu
Bring your swimsuit and a towel to this fun session in the water!

3 pm: Hoop Dance for Fitness at Yoga Yoga North
Get back to the good old days with a hula hoop in this 60-minute class.


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