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Austin declared the No. 1 sports-crazed city in the nation

Austin declared the No. 1 sports-crazed city in the nation

Here’s something to cheer about: Austin ranks as the most sports-crazed city in the U.S., according to Men’s Health magazine.

Austin tops the list despite lacking a major-league sports team (although the University of Texas Longhorns are a very respectable substitute). To compile the ranking, Men’s Health analyzed data for 100 U.S. cities to single out where residents watch and play sports the most.

“Austin scored huge points for participation in sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and triathlons,” Men’s Health says.

Austin’s showing in the ranking of sports-crazed cities aligns with a Men’s Health list released earlier this year of the country’s most adventurous cities. Austin appeared at No. 2 on that list, right behind first-place Anchorage, Alaska.

“It’s not all music festivals and craft breweries. Austin scored very high in outdoor activity participation and overall activity level,” Men’s Health noted.

In lauding Austin’s adventurous nature, the magazine cited access to Lake Travis, Lady Bird Lake, downtown’s Hike and Bike Trail, and over 300 parks.

Following Austin on the list of sports-crazed cities are Anchorage; Raleigh, North Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; Minneapolis; Plano; Denver; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Seattle.

At the bottom rung on the ranking of sports-crazed cities is Detroit, preceded by Cleveland; Birmingham, Alabama; Buffalo, New York; Charleston, West Virginia; Philadelphia; Miami; Toledo, Ohio; Jackson, Mississippi; and Memphis, Tennessee.