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Willie Nelson’s family works with APA! to rescue dogs belonging to Austin music legend

Willie Nelson’s family rescues dogs belonging to Austin music legend

Dogs saved by Nelson fam
Bobbie and Yoyo Nelson are available for adoption through APA!  Courtesy of Austin Pets Alive! via KVUE

KVUE — Tim O’Conner, owner of The Backyard, Austin Music Hall, and other live music venues in Austin, died on July 30 from Hodgkin lymphoma. He left behind his two dogs, Bobbie Nelson and Yoyo Nelson, who both had “severe stranger danger.”

So, Willie Nelson’s family stepped in to help. His daughters, Amy and Paula Nelson, who are also O’Connor’s goddaughters, partnered with Austin Pets Alive! to rescue the dogs.

In a press release, APA! said Bobbie and Yoyo are now available for foster and adoption. Their profiles are up on APA!’s website.

According to the website, Bobbie Nelson is just over 2 years old. Yoyo Nelson is only 4 months old.

APA! worked with TRAPRS, a trapping, rescue, and pet-recovery service, for rescue operation. Amy captured the rescue on video.

TRAPRS has been taking care of Bobbie Nelson and Yoyo Nelson over the past few weeks, arranging the dogs’ boarding, rehabilitation, and training. In the press release, APA! said it is asking for donations to reimburse TRAPRS for the $2,800 spent.


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