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Red Bud Isle reopens following suspicious dog deaths this summer

Red Bud Isle reopens following suspicious dog deaths this summer

Dog Days of Summer
Austin's Red Bud Isle has reopened. Photo courtesy of Austin Parks Foundation

KVUE — More than three months after its closure due to harmful blue-green algae in the area, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department has decided to reopen Red Bud Isle to the public.

City officials said scientists did not find any visible signs of floating blue-green algae mats in the Red Bud Isle vicinity. Plus, water samples taken on November 12 showed zero toxins.

The scientific name for this type of algae is cyanobacteria. When it produces toxins, it is called a harmful algal bloom. This type of algae caused a scare in Austin in August, when reports began surfacing that dogs were dying shortly after taking a swim in the Lady Bird Lake area. At least three dog deaths were reported.

City officials said Friday that dog owners who choose to allow their pets to swim in the area should be aware that another harmful algal bloom could occur at any time or in any part of the lake. This risk is the highest when the weather is hot and dry for an extended period of time.

As of Friday, the city said signs have been posted at locations where blue-green algae was identified, warning pet owners about this risk.


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