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Gift Guide

Plan the ultimate holiday date night with this list of great gifts

Aperol Spritz
Photo courtesy of Twin Liquors
44 Farms family pack
Photo courtesy of 44 Farms
Zach Theatre tickets
Photo courtesy of Zach Theatre

Taking time for a night out is just as important during the holidays, and this list covers everything you'll need. From food and drinks to entertainment, read on to find your seasonal inspiration.


Twin Liquors

The most popular cocktail of 2019 is still having its moment. This Aperol Spritz Cocktail Combo Pack for $29.99 has everything you need to make your own at home, with a bottle of Aperol and a bottle of Natale Verga prosecco. You can also purchase a set of two Amaro spritz glasses separately for $19.99. Need the recipe? Shake 1½ oz Aperol with ice, and pour over ice; top with 3 oz Natale Verga Prosecco and a splash of club soda, then garnish with orange wheel.

44 Farms

Make holiday shopping easy by getting three best-selling steak cuts in one package — your gift will offer something for everyone in your family to love. The family pack includes two New York strips, two flavorful sirloins, and two boneless ribeyes.

Zach Theatre

Gift the theater experience of a lifetime this holiday season. Any show, any seat with your very own ZACH Pass. It's the most flexible theater-going experience in Austin. Save up to 35 percent over single-ticket buyers.