Howdy, Mocha

Buzzy habits perk up this year's list of Austin's most popular dog names

Buzzy habits perk up this year's list of Austin's popular dog names

Emacipet dog
Austin likes its dogs a latte. Emancipet/Facebook

Austinites embraced their caffeine addiction in 2018 by naming their pets after their daily cup of joe. But since Joe is too mainstream, they went with perkier options like Kona, Mocha, and Latte., the nation's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, dug through the hundreds of thousands of names in its database to come up with the nation's top 10 male and female dog names, as well as those you might hear being called at an Austin dog park.

In addition to coffee-inspired names, which are up 62 percent, Austin pet parents fell hard for health food trends: Up 48 percent are names like Tofu, Mango, and Carrot.

But since we're still in Texas, pet owners paid homage to Old West favorites like Cowboy, Rodeo, and Howdy, which rose a whopping 113 percent.

Nationally, people are still leaning toward human names for their furbabies (36 percent, in fact), with Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, and Jack claiming the top five for males and Bella, Lucy, Luna, Daisy, and Lola in the top five for females. Austin's most popular list is nearly identical, with the only change being Bear subbing in for Jack.

Royalty-inspired names are up 11 percent, while Rover predicts food names will continue to climb with Couscous, Crisco, Cheetos, Pasta, and Ramen making the biggest leaps year over year.