Pipe Dream

Yes, Austin City Council approved medical marijuana but you still can't use it

City Council approves medical marijuana but its usage is still illegal

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Marijuana legislation takes a positive step. Redheaded Blackbelt

On Thursday, the Austin City Council approved a resolution in support of the use of medical marijuana. Despite a unanimous vote by council members, legal marijuana usage in Austin may still be a pipe dream.

The resolution, which was co-sponsored by City Council members Mike Martinez and Bill Spelman, also supports the legal protection of medical patients using the drug. Its approval could mean relief for patients who use marijuana to ease symptoms from conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis and even autism.

While the Council’s unanimous support for the legalization of medical marijuana may be considered a progressive step forward, pot is still illegal on both the state and federal levels, meaning even people who use it for medicinal reasons could face penalties. State lawmakers have had a tough time getting marijuana bills to the floor of the Capitol, let alone passed, but a similar resolution is still expected to come before lawmakers during the 2015 legislative session,

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 22 states and the District of Columbia.