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KUTX's MapJam announces lineup for day-long music festival

KUTX's MapJam announces lineup for day-long music festival

scoot inn band onstage mapjam kutx
KUTX's MapJam will return to the Scoot Inn with all new performers.  Photo courtesy of KUTX 98.9

MapJam, KUTX's annual all ages, day-long event returns on Saturday, February 21, taking over venues downtown and in East Austin. 

Peligrosa, Sip Sip, Ruby Jane, Walker Lukens & the Side Arms, Phranchyze, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Joel Laviolette & Rattletree, Leticia Rodriguez and Clandestino All-Stars are slated to perform throughout the day.

The third annual festival begins at 1 pm at the Mexican American Cultural Center before traveling across the highway to the east side. Other stops include the French Legation Museum, Pan Am Park and the Historic Scoot Inn. Much like the East Austin Studio Tour, participants are encouraged to bike or walk to each destination.

This uniquely Austin event, which is a sort of choose your own adventure style music festival, is the sister project to the Austin Music Map. The grant-funded map lets users submit videos, photos and tidbits about Austin's music scene using the hashtag #austinmusicmap. 

The lineup for the free event is as follows:

Mexican American Cultural Center 
1 pm — Leticia Rodriguez
2 pm — Clandestino All-Stars

French Legation Museum
3 pm — Ruby Jane
4 pm — Walker Lukens & the Side Arms

Pan Am Park
5 pm — Joel Laviolette & Rattletree
6 pm — Golden Dawn Arkestra

Historic Scoot Inn
8 pm — Phranchyze
9 pm — Sip Sip
10 pm — Peligrosa