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The Pop Almanac Podcast #27: The Hunger Games

The Pop Almanac Podcast #27: The Hunger Games

This week's Pop Almanac proves how in tune your hosts are with the culture at large — they went to see The Hunger Games, the blockbuster adaptation of the best selling dystopian novel by Suzanne Collins.

Duncan, on record previously as believing books are still a thing, has read the book before and considers the film to be perhaps better. Brendan hasn't read the book, but enjoyed the movie all the same.

After taking some time to rave about casting choices, they do nitpick some of the clunkier elements of the film as well (and also go on a long nerd diversion (can we call these "nerdversions"? Just did.) about the practicalities of advanced technology in a rigidly controlled single-party dictactorship that seems to rely heavily on agriculture and mining).

Other tangents involve how effortlessly cool Lenny Kravitz is, the perils of first-person narration, and the silly names that everyone will have in the future.

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