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Even Patton Oswalt isn’t immune to the Drafthouse’s anti-texting maxim

Even Patton Oswalt isn’t immune to the Drafthouse’s anti-texting maxim

Austin photo: news_ryan_patton oswalt texting_oswalt and reitman
Austin photo: news_ryan_patton oswalt texting_screen cap

Our society has become used to the occasional outburst from many of our most talented celebrities, whether it’s flinging a telephone at a concierge or throwing a fit after being asked to give up a Words with Friends game on an airline.

Now the Alamo Drafthouse has become the latest site of a VIP tantrum, and they have released the exclusive footage and subsequent voicemail to give us all of the juicy details of Remy the Rat’s meltdown.

Of course when you watch the video, you’ll soon realize it’s a staged reenactment of the Drafthouse’s famous anti-texting PSA that lit up across local social media and in many mainstream news outlets. In the original, a female customer was a little perturbed after being kicked out of a Drafthouse for using her phone and decided to leave a rather harsh message voicing her indignation.

So while visiting the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar for a screening of their latest film, Young Adult, Oswalt and director Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) decided to pay a little homage to the explosive (and possibly inebriated) rant. (In case you were getting your hopes up, the Oscar-nominated director has not chosen a new career path as a Drafthouse server. He has enough insufferable prima donnas to deal with back in Hollywood.)