It's Panty Time

Cute and comfy panties delivered monthly? This Texas subscription service does it

Texas subscription service delivers cute and comfy panties monthly

Truli Uli underwear
Dallas-based Truli Uli delivers women underwear by mail. Photo by Hoyoung Lee

Monthly subscription services are cropping up right and left, chock-full of everything from beauty products to pet supplies to socks. So what inspired Katie Troutman to create another one?

"Comfort," she says. "It was very important to me that each pair of Truli Uli underwear be the most comfortable pair of panties a woman could own."

That's right. Troutman created a panty-by-subscription service, which launched in mid-May. With each pair carefully sewn and constructed in Dallas — no overseas mass production here — and made of durable yet soft and stretchy lace in fun colors, Truli Uli underwear is hoping to become what women look forward to receiving most each month.

Truli Uli joins a growing number of underwear-by-mail options, and Troutman hopes to be the latest entrepreneur to find a spot in this marketplace.

Troutman, a computer software businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit, was inspired to nurture her idea after working with other Dallas trailblazers such as Unbranded and Imprint (formerly Need) founder Matt Alexander and Foot Cardigan's Bryan DeLuca. Foot Cardigan, for those not in the know, is a monthly subscription service where men, women, and kids receive fun and funky socks in the mail.

If it works for socks, Troutman figured, why not another daily clothing staple?

So with guidance from members of Dallas Meetup group Apparel Lab, she set out to develop underwear that would not only look pretty but fit perfectly. Offered in two styles — mid-rise and low-rise — and three sizes, the panties are thong-style only to start, but there are plans to branch out into fuller coverage designs.

Subscribers get one pair per month for $20. Truli Uli ships all over the United States, as well as internationally.

Stitched onto each pair is a tiny charm bearing the Truli Uli logo, which Troutman says is to remind women daily to expand their horizons and be true to themselves. There are also affirmation cards, pretty enough to be displayed on desks or nightstands, to further inspire.