Closet Pique

Interior decorator Kim West opens the doors to her designer closet and playful home

Kim West portrait
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique coat and boots
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique bag and dresses
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique bags and dresses
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique shoes
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique rings
Photo by Jessica Pages
Kim West close pique coats and sandals
Photo by Jessica Pages

Kim West is not afraid of color. The interior of her South Austin home — which she expertly designed, being the owner of Well Dressed Space — balances playful textures and modern fixtures with vibrant hues that are more whimsical than overwhelming.

"I see a well-dressed space as a nod to my background working in the fashion business for 10 years. As I got older, I decided I would rather buy a beautiful rug than a beautiful dress," she laughs.

West moved to Austin from New York City just one year ago after working with the likes of Marc Jacobs International and Jil Sander — and her luxurious closet serves as a distinct reminder of the decade spent within the walls of those high fashion empires.




West's closet was formerly the house's porch. Covered many decades ago and used as an extra room, it yields an unusual amount of space for a house originally built in the 1930s — and was a selling point for her and her husband.

The floors are painted white and the walls are lined with shoes — but surprisingly, hardly any sky-high stilettos. "I'm not a huge heel person," she says. "I'd rather put on lipstick and jewelry and be comfortable."







"When you walk in the closet, you'll see there's a lot of lurex, a lot of sparkle, a lot of fur and color," she says, lightheartedly poking fun at her glamorous wardrobe.

"I like to 'dress' — it's just a part of me. My mother 'dressed' and was the chicest mom at school, and we grew up going to have tea at Neiman Marcus."




Right: Referring to a sweet, cream Marc Jacobs dress adorned with a bow, West says, "I wore this to my birthday party in Brooklyn right before I found out I was pregnant, so it's even more special to me."

Left: She also counts handbags among her favorite items to collect, singling out a Marc Jacobs alligator bag (middle) as "her prized possession."





Right: Copper Christian Louboutin lace-ups stand out in West's wardrobe, serving as a refreshing reminder that the French shoe designer makes more than red-soled heels. 

Left: West is adept at mixing high- and low-end items, like her husbands watch with a J. Crew button up and Libertine shorts.



The master bedroom is painted a striking Yves Klein blue ("I feel like everybody looks good in blue, and they say you should dress your house in the colors you look good in.") and features a white-washed dresser showcasing her jewelry collection draped over a triptych mirror she found at Anthropolgie.

Next to playful accessories like geometric trivets from local design store Nannie Inez, a black box nestles two rings, on of which is a mine cut diamond that was given to her by her husband when their daughter was born.




While West laments the opportunity to wear cold-weather clothing like coats, she does think that there's just as much of an opportunity to dress to the nine's in Austin as there is in New York.

"I think you just have to be yourself," she says. "And I also have a lot of mom clothes — there's also a lot of J. Crew in my wardrobe. But I definitely think there's the opportunity to play with style in Austin."