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New report ranks University of Texas among top 30 universities in the world

New report ranks University of Texas at Austin among best in the world

University of Texas UT tower and fountain
UT is the top-ranked Texas university in the country and the world.  BirthRightEarth.org

Longhorns have a new reason to put their horns up this summer. According to a new study, the University of Texas at Austin is among the best universities in the country and the world. The Center for World University Rankings' 2014 report ranks UT Austin as the No. 22 institution in the country, No. 29 in the world. And no other Texas school comes close. 

CWUR ranked the world's top 1000 universities based on eight broad indicators. Quality of education, alumni employment and quality of faculty were weighted at 25 percent each, while publications, influence, citations, broad impact and patents made up 5 percent each of the total score. 

In the world rankings, the University of Texas at Austin was joined by only one other Texas university in the top 100: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, which ranked No. 66. 

A cluster of Texas schools fell just below the top 100, including University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, No. 104; Texas A&M, No. 105; and Rice University, No. 108. Other Texas schools in the top 200 were Baylor College of Medicine, No. 121; UT Dallas, No. 143; University of Houston, No. 162; and Southern Methodist University, No. 171. 

In 2013, the University of Texas at Austin ranked No. 26 in the world.