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What did Austinites Google in 2014? Top local searches revealed

What did Austinites Google in 2014? Top local searches revealed

Perhaps the most voyeuristic year-end list is Google's annual "Year in Search," which gives us an inside look at what our fellow city-dwellers are looking for on the world's No. 1 search engine.

This year, Austin was all about celebs, Ebola and ... wheelie skate shoes? When we weren't trying to figure out "how to parkour," we were investigating the intricacies of "chamoy." Proving that we are only as good as our student loans, many of us Googled, "What is Navient?" after Sallie Mae changed the name of its loan department earlier this year. And, like many cities, the No. 1 search in Austin was "What is ALS?" — something likely motivated by the Ice Bucket Challenge that took over Facebook this summer. 

Below are the comprehensive lists of searched terms and questions in 2014.

Top 10 trending searches in Austin
1. World Cup
2. Robin Williams
3. Ebola
4. Super Bowl 2014
5. NFL Draft
6. Easter 2014
7. Malaysia Airlines
8. Joan Rivers
9. Philip Seymour Hoffman
10. Tracy Morgan

Top 10 "How to" questions for Austin
1. How to heely
2. How to integrate
3. How to airdrop
4. How to parkour
5. How to shave
6. How to budget
7. How to hack
8. How to skateboard
9. How to copyright
10. How to hypnotize

Top 10 "What is" questions for Austin
1. What is ALS?
2. What is Ebola?
3. What is precycling?
4. What is Pinterest?
5. What is steam?
6. What is Bonjour?
7. What is skywriting?
8. What is Navient?
9. What is chamoy?
10. What is lactose?

Top 10 news and events for Austin
1. World Cup
2. Easter 2014
3. NFL Draft
4. Super Bowl 2014
5. Malaysia Airlines
6. Memorial Day 2014
7. NBA Playoffs
8. Oscars 2014
9. Blood Moon
10. X Games Austin

Google reveals Austin's top search terms for 2014.