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The 5 most expensive streets in Austin aren't where you'd think

The 5 most expensive streets in Austin aren't where you'd think

4512 Island Cove Austin
4512 Island Cove is on the market for $5 million.  Photo courtesy of Har.com

If you think Tarrytown or Clarksville are home to the priciest streets in town, think again. The folks at Zillow have determined the five most expensive streets in Austin, and the locations may surprise you. 

Based on Zillow’s analysis of streets with at least 10 homes, here are the priciest in Austin and their median home values:

  • Island Cove, 78731: $4,313,590
  • Waters Edge Cove, 78731: $4,156,164
  • Bruton Springs Road, 78733: $2,984,234
  • Island Wood Road, 78733: $2,826,435
  • Cueva de Oro Cove, 78746: $2,822,554

As their names imply, the majority of the streets are clustered near water. Island Cove and Waters Edge Cove are located in prime spots on Lake Austin, near Mount Bonnell Road. Bruton Springs Road and Island Wood Road are also situated near the lake, a little further west. Cueva de Oro Cove is tucked away behind Barton Springs Mall. 

Those descriptive names, says Zillow, tend to lead to higher value, too. "The most valuable street names describe something about a home’s location."

The prices of these Austin streets may astound you, but they pale in comparison to the most expensive streets in America, whose median home values range from $10.2 million to $21.4 million.

Only one Texas street is ritzy enough to land on that list. Lazy Lane Boulevard in Houston's River Oaks neighborhood has a median home value of $15,419,752 — good enough for a No. 4 ranking in the country.