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Lake Travis property values are finally on the rebound after heavy rains

Lake Travis property values finally on the rebound after heavy rains

KVUE — As lake levels at Lake Travis rise and lakefront property makes a comeback, property values are on the rebound — and homeowners are enjoying the views they paid for.

"It's exciting! I mean it's great to see it back again. I've seen it at all different levels," said realtor Kathy Anglin, who lives near the lake. "I think we'll start seeing a lot of these waterfronts come on the market for people that have wanted to sell for years or needed to sell."

Anglin said one of her properties sat on the market for a year and now three people are interested. "All of a sudden a frenzy of people wanted that waterfront," she said. "Great news for the homeowners, because they were getting very frustrated."

Prior to May, docks sat on land. All the rain brought them back up where they belong.

"Everybody's business comes back up with it," said Rob Swett, owner and president of Robert Steven Homes. Swett said builders are staying busy preparing for people who want to take advantage of the prime real estate. "People are back on the lake and getting back into that lifestyle that everyone knows and loves here in Austin." 

"Once the lake levels start to go down those are the first properties to take a hit. But when it comes back they're the ones that bounce back the fastest," said realtor Ashley Stucki. 


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After heavy rains, Lake Travis property values are on the rise.