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Run the world from Beyoncé's Houston family home, on sale now for $500K

Run the world from Beyoncé's Houston family home, on sale now

Beyonce Knowles family home medical center rosedale
You can own the Knowles family home in Houston. Photo by Jake Howard/ProHouse Photos, courtesy of The Upshaw Group

Fans of Beyoncé used to make regular pilgrimages to Houston's Third Ward to gaze upon Rice Mansion, home to Music World Entertainment, the once-glorious empire that was the brainchild of Bey’s father, Mathew Knowles. The yellow estate called to mind Motown, as the updated manse and surrounding buildings housed every facet of the Music World operation. 

But after a much-publicized divorce and changes in the family dynamic, the senior Knowles sold to a neighboring automotive group last year, and the Houston entertainment landmark is now a memory.

Those looking for a trip down a Destiny’s Child memory lane must now drive to 2414 Rosedale St., a former Knowles family home located near Medical Center in Houston's Riverside Terrace neighborhood. Currently listed for $500,000 by realtor Bradley Upshaw, the house is described as having been featured on MTV and BET, close to local sports venues, and having never flooded. The 3,000-square-foot abode houses three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and sits on a 8,600-square-foot lot.

Built in 1946, it features original hardwoods and a large media room, which presumably would be a fine place to catch up on Lady B’s catalogue.

Upshaw tells Houston Business Journal that the home was at least one that the Knowles family occupied during their time in Houston. (Mathew Knowles is famous for conducting music camps in his backyard for his daughters Beyonce and Solange and future members of Destiny’s Child; one wonders if early plans for Music World were woven here.)

Upshaw notes that he obtained a deed that reveals John and Artie Criesman sold the home to Mathew and Celestine “Tina” Knowles for $64,000 on January 29, 1982.

Diehards know that Beyonce was an infant at the time and Mathew Knowles was a rising star at Xerox Corporation who hadn’t yet left to pursue his vision of Beyonce’s stardom and world domination. Swamplot notes that the family had moved out of this home by the time Solange was born in June 1986.

Upshaw also tells HBJ that the current owner has a daughter who attended school with Beyoncé from preschool through seventh grade at local private schools. Could there be any hidden trinkets or secret memorabilia hidden with the walls of the Rosedale home?

CultureMap reached out to Knowles for comment; we don’t think he’s ready to reveal.