Lake Austin Luxe

This breathtaking Lake Austin retreat takes weekend getaways to a whole new level

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Escape from reality with this family weekend retreat situated along Lake Austin. Natural beauty surrounds this charming cabin with scenic views of Lake Austin and the abundant Cypress trees along the shore. From picturesque scenery to a calming and relaxing vibe, this vacation home takes weekend getaways to the next level.

Designed by Unbox Studio, peek inside this inspiring Lake Austin cabin retreat brought to you by, to begin dreaming of your own vacation home.

Rammed earth walls and rainscreen wall systems mixed with reclaimed barn wood materials complete the exterior of this modern, cozy cabin. A simple front deck perfect for the minimalist features space for lounging on a hot summer day or snuggling up for a night of star gazing.

On the inside, a comfortable space rich in design awaits. Neutral, earthy tones combined with bright turquoise accents create an upscale living space.

Function comes first in this cabin’s small space. Sleek cabinets and countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a glass tile backsplash complete the design of this modern kitchen.

Sweeping steel and glass windows invite in the scenic views that Lake Austin has to offer. This waterfront property includes a large backyard area for recreation, entertaining, and most importantly relaxation.