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Video of vicious attack at Austin's Kung Fu Saloon stirs up new questions

Video of vicious attack at Austin's Kung Fu Saloon stirs up questions

Less than two weeks after the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced it was launching an investigation into downtown Austin's Kung Fu Saloon, video of the attack that prompted the TABC investigation has been released. 

Jason McMinn, an attorney for Joey O'Hare, the victim in the case, released the video to KVUE and Austin American-Statesman reporter Tony Plohetski, who broke the story in November 2014. Though the video clearly shows an unconscious O'Hare being dropped face-down on the floor, it gives few answers about who — or what — prompted the brawl. 

In the video, O'Hare is seen standing at the bar next to Kung Fu bouncer Robert Giovanni Camillone, the man later charged with aggravated assault after O'Hare was hospitalized and underwent multiple brain surgeries. While his attorney says the attack was unprovoked, it appears in the video that O'Hare says something to Camillone, who leans in before grabbing O'Hare from behind and removing him from the area as the bartender looks on.

O'Hare is rendered unconscious, but it is unclear where exactly that occurred. Though video footage shows O'Hare on the floor as a brawl erupts nearby, it is unclear if that brawl is connected or another incident entirely.

This is the latest public relations black eye for the bar. In August 2013, Kung Fu came under fire after refusing an African-American man entry for wearing basketball shorts. His white friend, who was also wearing basketball shorts, was allowed into the bar. 

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Video footage of an alleged assault at Kung Fu Saloon has been released. Courtesy photo
Kung Fu video
The video shows part of the alleged assault.  Photo via KVUE News