Toadies Beer

Texas brewery crafts malty new beer with the Toadies

Texas brewery crafts malty new beer with the Toadies

Toadies Bockslider beer
Label for new Martin House beer collaboration with the Toadies. Photo courtesy of Martin House

Rekindling a successful collaboration, Fort Worth's Martin House has partnered with rock band the Toadies on a new beer that's lighter and maltier than the past. The new beer, called Bockslider, is a bock beer whose flavor profile was formulated between band and brewery, says Martin House spokesman David Wedemeier.

"Bock is a pretty traditional style, although this one will probably be more malty than some of the bocks you might find," he says. "The guys wanted something a little less hoppy and easy drinking. One of their favorite styles is bock."

One year ago, Martin House and the Toadies released Rubberneck Red, under a similar arrangement, with a release party that included a Toadies concert at the brewery.

"It's a similar collaboration but this time we’re doing it big," Wedemeier says. "The last time we had 500 people at an acoustic show. This time, it'll be fully amplified and we expect thousands on our back lawn."

The beer will come out the same day. "We'll launch the draft version at the end of April, with distribution on the day of the concert, which is April 26," he says. "And then the beer will come out in cans a couple weeks after that."

The label art combines the meaning of bock with a reference to the inspiration, a song by the Toadies called "Backslider."

"'Bock' is German for goat, and that's a goat skeleton at a grave," Wedemeier says.

And as opposed to the Rubberneck release, which came out in a four-pack of 16-ounce cans, this will be a traditional six-pack of 12-ounce cans. Its lifespan will probably run about two to three months.

"We don’t make anything like this right now," Wedemeier says. "We made a porter a while ago, and we make a stout which is malty. But this is a unique beer for us."