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Texas Monthly launches TMBBQ.com, announces Texas Barbecue Week

Texas Monthly launches new website, TMBBQ.com

Home page Texas Monthly's new BBQ website: TMBBQ
Texas Monthly's new website, TMBBQ.com. TMBBQ

On the heels of the newly released "Top 50 Best BBQ Joints" list, Texas Monthly has made another move in its ever-evolving barbecue franchise. On Wednesday, the magazine launched TMBBQ.com, a full website dedicated to the signature food of Texas.

TMBBQ.com, which will be helmed by Texas Monthly's barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn, promises to be more than a catchall for existing magazine content. While it will hold seasoned reviews, TMBBQ.com will be a portal for breaking barbecue news (remember the Mueller drama last fall?), interviews and features.

“Texas barbecue is not just one of the greatest foods on earth, it’s one of the greatest subjects as well. And we intend to cover it that way," said Jake Silverstein, editor in chief.

The site will also be a resource for Texas Monthly's growing calendar of barbecue-focused events, which really kicks off June 1 with the TMBBQ Road Trip (a day trip from Austin with stops at Snow's BBQ, Louie Mueller Barbecue and Franklin Barbecue). While most events will take place in Texas, barbecue lovers outside of the Lone Star State should fret not. Other events on the calendar include a TMBBQ Pop-Up in New York City and a Big Apple Block Party.

Still hungry? The first ever Texas Barbecue Week (presented by TMBBQ and Shiner Beer) is scheduled to kick off on July 15, and is touted as a week-long celebration featuring participating barbecue joints across the state. Phew! That's a lot of 'cue news.

You're now free to explore the wonderful world of barbecue from the comfort of your computer. Just don't blame us if you suffer from an expanded waistline.