So Long Two-Dollar Beers

Pour one out: North Austin pub closes to make way for mixed-use development

Pour one out: Local pub closes to make way for mixed-use development

In 2009, Pour House Pub opened at 6701 Burnet Rd. and quickly garnered a reputation for its expansive beer offerings, quality pub food and a patio large enough to accommodate you and a couple hundred friends.

The bar took to Facebook on June 18 to announce its plans to close, in order to make room for a mixed-use development. Though owners Brian Hyde and Marcos Canchola say that the Pour House will return as part of the new development, they make no mention of a date (or if $1.50 happy hour Lone Star and High Life will return, too).

The new development, Burnet Marketplace, is being developed by Argyle Residential (an affiliate of Cypress Real Estate Advisors and the same company behind Corazon on East Sixth Street and Lakeshore Pearl near East Riverside Drive) and will offer 344 residential units and 8,409 square feet of retail, according to its website.

Argyle says Burnet Road is "an area experiencing a boom of young renters attracted to the dynamic social venues, eclectic retail and new bars/restaurants." The development will take over 6601 and 6701 Burnet Rd. and will encompass 3.94 acres of land in a neighborhood that, as CultureMap investigated earlier this year, is seeing increasing development.

The current Pour House will shutter at 2 am on Sunday, June 29. As the owners note in their farewell-for-now message, you can still catch them at one of their other establishments which include Barfly's, Mugshots, Bender Bar & Grill and Violet Crown Social Club, among others.

Pour House Austin
The current Pour House will close on June 29 at 2 am. Pour House/Facebook