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Hot mess: California city sues to shut down production of Sriracha

Hot mess: California city sues to shut down production of Sriracha

The City of Irwindale in California sued Huy Fong Foods to stop the production of sriracha at the local plant.  Photo courtesy of Memphis CVB/Flickr

UPDATE: On October 31, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied the city's request for a temporary restraining order and set a hearing date for November 22.


Believe it or not, news out of Irwindale, California, could have a huge impact on how you eat leftovers in Texas. The City of Irwindale is suing Huy Fong Foods to shut down production at a Sriracha factory.

The garlicky hot sauce with the green cap and iconic rooster is under fire after residents of the town complained that the peppery fumes coming from the factory make it nearly impossible to be outside. According to reports, the stench of peppers and garlic during the California jalapeño harvest season makes it unbearable to be near the plant.

Residents have complained of coughing, burning throats, watery eyes and headaches from inhaling the waste from jalapeño peppers.

Irwindale officials and Huy Fong Foods executives discussed options on how to fix the filtration system the 2-year-old plant uses, but when the company balked at a $600,000 upgrade, the city sued.

Now the two groups are locked in battle as they wait for a judge to make an initial ruling. Huy Fong CEO David Tran said that prices on sriracha could jump if the factory is shut down. 

Although we’re not one to pick sides, the need for Sriracha outweighs the people of Irwindale. It outweighs everyone.

For when the aliens come to destroy us (and they will), the only thing that will spare us is to show them that with a few squirts of rooster sauce, anything — no, seriously, anything — will taste better. Aliens may have interstellar travel down, but they don’t have that kind of technology.

So figure it out, Irwindale. The fate of the world demands it.