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New private jet service lands at Austin airport with luxe perks

New private jet service lands at Austin airport with luxe perks

GrandView Aviation
The Phenom 300 light jet will begin servicing ABIA later this month. Courtesy photo

This takes "fly the friendly skies" to a whole new level. On April 2, GrandView Aviation, a Maryland-based luxury jet charter company, announced the addition of its exclusive service to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport beginning later this month. 

To begin, the company will be adding a single 2017 Embraer Phenom 300 light jet to ABIA's General Aviation Terminal. The jet can fit up to eight passengers and log about 2,000 miles, meaning it can fly almost anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico from Austin. In a release, the company says it plans to add additional aircraft in the future. 

The jazzed up jet includes WiFi, complimentary food and drinks, and fully reclining seats which means you can charter a private plane and then sleep the whole time which, at least to us, seems like the height of extravagance. 

So why Austin? According to GrandView, the Capital City has seen an uptick in demand for this kind of luxe living. "We've seen growing demand for newer, Wifi-enabled private jets in the Texas region and surrounding areas," said Jessica Naor, GrandView Aviation's director of sales and marketing, in a release.

"We felt Austin was a perfect fit due to its high growth rate and location," Naor continued. "This new base expands our service area from only the East Coast to include the Central U.S."

Pricing for the service depends on the route. For example, a ballpark figure for an Austin flight nonstop to New York City (landing at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport) starts around $26,750 plus taxes and fees. Likewise, a flight from Austin to Aspen starts at $15,180 plus taxes and fees. To make your own private plane dreams come true, head to GrandView's website to receive a quote.