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Barton Springs and Deep Eddy finally open with reservations and new rules

Barton Springs and Deep Eddy open with reservations and new rules

In Austin, there are Barton Springs people and there are Deep Eddy people. People will swim in both, but when pressed, everyone has a preference. Both camps will be happy to learn that Barton Springs and Deep Eddy will reopen on Tuesday, June 9, with a limited schedule and new rules.

Last week, under the direction of City Manager Spencer Cronk, Austin Parks and Recreation began rolling out the open schedule for nine city-owned pools. Barton Springs and Deep Eddy, the city's most popular swimming holes, were not among those.

Both pools have been shut down since March, when social distancing measures were put in place to battle COVID-19. (Barton Springs was actually closed before then in anticipation of SXSW, which means residents haven't gotten their springs fix since late February.)

Taking a quick dip, however, will not be possible. Each pool will run a limited weekly schedule and require a two-hour reservation made in advance. Barton Springs will be open Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Deep Eddy will open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Reservations are only one per person, so City of Austin accounts must be made for each member of a party. Group visits cannot be accommodated at this time. To make a reservation, click here, and select "browse tickets/park and pool entry passes." Then select the dates and type in the pool you prefer into the keyword search. 

Prior to entering, each person will be screened. Screening begins 30 minutes prior to the reservation start time. Inside both facilities, bathers must wear a cloth mask unless they are swimming and maintain six feet of distance.

Reservation blocks are for two hours, and the pool area will be cleared 15 minutes prior to the next reservation block for cleaning. Restroom facilities will be available and cleaned regularly, but changing areas are not. Swimmers are asked not to use the bathroom stalls to change.

Barton Springs will open for "swim at your own risk," unguarded swimming from 5-7 am and then close for cleaning. At 8 am, it will reopen with guarded swim.

Deep Eddy will open for lap swim only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8 am to noon. At noon, it will reopen for recreational swim only. On Saturday, the pool opens at 1 pm for recreational swim only.