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American Airlines and US Airways pull flights from Orbitz after dispute

American Airlines pulls flights from Orbitz after dispute

American Airlines new look
American Airlines flights are now available only directly through the company. Photo courtesy of American Airlines

Passengers looking to compare airfare prices through Orbitz will no longer see American Airlines flights among the options. The Fort Worth-based airline withdrew its flights from Orbitz and its subsidiary Cheaptickets.com on August 26, citing a contract dispute.

Beginning in September, American Airlines-owned US Airways will also no longer list flights on Orbitz.

In a statement, American Airlines president Scott Kirby touted the ways customers can buy tickets online without booking fees.

"We have worked tirelessly with Orbitz to reach a deal with the economics that allow us to keep costs low and compete with low-cost carriers," Kirby said. "While our fares are no longer on Orbitz, there are a multitude of other options available for our customers, including brick-and-mortar agencies, online travel agencies and our own websites."

Orbitz issued its own statement on the matter, but left little room for remorse about AA's decision. "Our sites offer hundreds of airlines which are eager to capture the revenue American is choosing to forego, and we will continue to show our customers a broad range of flight options to thousands of destinations in the U.S. and worldwide."

American joins other airlines, such as Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, that do not participate in comparative fare websites. American Airlines tickets previously purchased through Orbitz will be honored, but any changes to those flights must be made directly with AA.