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New "Submerged" exhibit dives into the waters of Barton Springs

New "Submerged" exhibit dives into the waters of Barton Springs

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When temperatures heat up, Barton Springs Pool keeps Austinites cool. To celebrate the Springs, the "Submerged" exhibit, created entirely with user-submitted content, kicked off August 11 at the Sheffield Education Center.

The exhibition comprises underwater photos and videos — created by folks ranging from professional photographers to tech-savvy 6-year-olds — that capture what Barton Springs means to the city's citizens.

KLRU Collective interviewed City of Austin arts and cultural instructor Bridget Quinn and photographer Nelson Guda in June, before the submission process ended. The exhibit runs until October 6.

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Underwater view of Barton Springs courtesy of Submerged
An underwater photograph of Barton Springs from the "Submerged" exhibit at Sheffield Education Center. KLRU Collective/KLRU