Mexican Masks Unmasked

Mexican masks reveal tradition of transformation, art and spiritual awakening

Mexican masks reveal tradition of art and spiritual awakening

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When Austin's Mexic-Arte Museum exhibited more than 200 traditional Mexican masks earlier this year, they were displaying more than just art. According to legend, the masks (which have bright colors, exaggerated features and intricate carvings) serve as a window into the soul and are said to transform the spirit of the person who wears it.

In this video from KLRU, revisit the collection and learn how the masks blend pageantry, mythology and tradition. Used in both celebration and for religious purposes, the masks serve as a inspiration for contemporary art and are fascinating feature of Mexican history.

For more information on the Mexic-Arte Museum's current exhibits including a retrospective on the life of Jose Guadalupe Posada, please visit their website.

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Mexican masks Mexic-Arte Spring Exhibit
Those who don the masks are said to undergo a transformation. Photo by KLRU