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BedPost Confessions brings sex-positive solo performer Cameryn Moore's slut (r)evolution to Austin

BedPost Confessions brings sex-positive solo performer Cameryn Moore's slut (r)evolution to Austin

Far be it from me to bring up sex in polite company. But with the arrival of Cameryn Moore's unapologetically titled solo show slut (r)evolution coming to Austin this weekend, it's time we address the Canadian sex advocate in the room.

This Friday and Saturday, the lascivious ladies of the long-running and popular erotic storytelling series BedPost Confessions are hosting Moore at Salvage Vanguard Theater for two evenings that they're billing as an Intimate Salon with Cameryn Moore.

Sex will be discussed... a lot. And, rightfully, it might not always be pretty or easy to hear about. It will get intimate and honest and raw. It may inspire far more emotions than just the sexy kind.

 "We all have our own paths toward our sexuality, but it's only writers that usually make those connections," says Moore.  

Moore's previous piece, Phone Whore, which she performed here last year at The New Movement Theater, is a one-woman show about her experiences as a phone sex operator for three years. Having now toured it all over North America, Moore says that slut (r)evolution is a response to people always asking “How did you get to be the type of person who does phone sex work?”

"We all have our own paths toward our sexuality, but it's only writers that usually make those connections," she says over the phone, on her trip down from Victoria to Austin. "What are the events in my life that led to this person that I am now? It all kind of fits together, it all works. So the show is a combination of me talking to a one night stand combined with flashbacks to those former events."

As you might imagine, Moore's storytelling performances are frank, vulnerable, real discussions of the psychological, societal and physical pressures that are associated with the lurking, sometimes scary sexuality that we generally keep hidden behind closed doors.

Moore reports that she was raised in a Mormon home and compelled to take action by the repression and denial that plagued her early years. So when she was old enough and brave enough, she kicked down that door of decency and got comfortable with exploring her own urges and compulsions and began discussing them in a very public setting.

"My family knows that I travel and that I write plays and perform. But they don’t know the details," she laughs. "My dad asked me, 'Can we see the show?' when it was in Portland. I said, 'No, no you can’t.' 'Why? Are there bad words in it?' And I guess you could say that..."

For Moore, no topic is considered taboo, and she never hesitates to share what's really going on in her head or her heart. While this might be old hat for the BedPost Confessions crowds who come out in droves every month to the ND to hear and share their own and others' sexploits, it might be a new experience for those less adventurous in their outings.

As for her audience, Moore says she has learned not to assume who will respond the most to her shows. In the fringe circuit up in Canada where she performs the most, oftentimes folks in their 60s and older are her biggest supporters.

"People used to warn me when I started with Phone Whore, don't worry about the old people. But that’s ageist, and some of them need to and want to hear this," she says. "So I’ve learned not to assume anything in my promotion. People constantly underestimate who and what audiences want to hear. So I will tell my stories to anyone who will listen."

While the programs of the two evenings will be slightly different with the featured foreplay acts by the BedPost hosts, both nights will include food and drink from Etta Strawberry ("where all of your senses will be engaged, indulged and accentuated") and a full performance of Moore's show.

And as per every BedPost show, emcee Julie Gillis will also invite audience members to share their anonymous sexual confessions to be read aloud throughout the show's program. That way, it won't just be the performers putting it all out on the proverbial table.

Talk about a (r)evolution.


The BedPost Confession Intimate Salons featuring Cameryn Moore's slut (r)evolution take place Friday and Saturday night (Oct. 5 - 6) at Salvage Vanguard Theater at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 and available through the BedPost website.

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