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Judge overturns New Braunfels' controversial 'Can Ban' on popular tubing rivers

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A law banning cans has been overturned.

KVUE — A judge has overturned a New Braunfels ordinance banning cans on the rivers in New Braunfels.

Judge Don Burgess says the voter-approved "Can Ban" ordinance is unconstitutional and unenforceable.

The ordinance banning disposable containers for food and beverages along the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers has been a source of heated debate in New Braunfels for the past few years. Business owners specializing in river activities like tubing say they've seen a negative impact on their businesses since the can ban took effect.

Proponents of the ban argue it is protecting the quality of the river.

The so-called can ban doesn't prohibit alcohol — beer and liquor are still allowed on the river if poured into reusable containers.


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