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feb. 21

Links we love today: Happy birthday David Foster Wallace, life advice from Jonathan Ames, 'robo-sourcing' and more

Here are the links we loved today:

In honor of David Foster Wallace’s 50th birthday, The Awl has curated a list of 46 DFW-related resources to check out; Flavorpill has a slideshow of Wallace-inspired tattoos; The Rumpus rounds up a few DFW links; A perennial favorite, the David Foster Wallace Audio Project.

This is magic: an hour-long video interview between Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch from Live Talks Los Angeles.

Splitsider gives us an incredibly, satisfyingly in-depth exploration of The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

Read prolific author Joyce Carol Oates’ first story, penned when she was just 17.

Paste lists the 30 best SNL characters.

Does your lipstick contain lead? (This still happens, apparently!)

You may be interested in this guide to preventing YouTube from tracking you; Are journalism jobs being robo-sourced?

Long exposure photos of fireflies!

The What's Up With That web exclusive we hoped would really happen:

New trailer for Lena Dunham’s forthcoming HBO series “Girls”:

David Wain and friends from The State talk about the special effects in forthcoming film Wanderlust in this CollegeHumor sketch:

Jonathan Ames got very drunk, gave life advice at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards:

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