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Meet this darling cat from APA! and bring home a Romeo of your very own

Let this lovable cat from APA! be the Romeo to your Juliet

Romeo Austin Pets Alive!
Don't let that stare fool you, this is one of the mellowest cats in town. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo loves playing with his feather toys. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo also enjoys hanging in his cubby hole and watching the world go by. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo Austin Pets Alive!
Romeo Austin Pets Alive!

There has been a lot of buzz about another Austin Romeo this week, but why let one man soil a good name? This week we meet Romeo, Austin Pets Alive!'s lovable snuggle bug who enjoys nothing more than lounging with his person and getting his head scratched. With black fur and bright green eyes, this guy is quite a stunner — and his adoption price makes him a steal.

Name: Romeo

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic shorthair mix

Weight: 15 pounds

Size: Medium

Sign: Scorpio

Age: 6 years, 4 months

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Declawed: No

Adoption Donation: $18.75

Location: On site

Surprise fact: Romeo is so relaxed that APA! believes he will do very well living with children, other cats or even dogs!

What APA! says about Romeo:

He hardly meows, has good litter manners, doesn't spray and is very clean. He doesn't scratch, either.

Why APA! says Romeo deserves your love:

Romeo is a very relaxed cat. He loves to hang out and be petted. When he's not taking it easy, he likes to play with his toys or sit in his cubby hole and watch the world go by. Romeo has been described as low-energy, and his laid-back demeanor and relaxed disposition are one of the best things about him.

One thing to know about Romeo is that he is FIV+, but it sounds much worse than it is. FIV+ is an immune compromising disease, which just means that Romeo can get sick more easily than other cats. The disease isn't transmitted to humans or dogs, and would only be passed to other cats through deep puncture wounds, which isn't expected to happen with Romeo! FIV+ cats have pretty close to normal life spans, so Romeo would be a great cat to adopt.


To read more about Romeo and to visit him on site, visit the APA! website.