Weekend Roundup

Close out SXSW with our top event picks for the weekend

Our top weekend event picks: St. Paddy's, Clapton & more

Austin Photo Set: News_dan solomon_sxsw too crowded_August 2011_crowd
Courtesy photo
Eric Clapton in concert
Photo by George Chin
Austin Photo Set: News_dan solomon_sxsw too crowded_August 2011_crowd
FatCreamery, ice cream, cones
Eric Clapton in concert

We did it. We got through another SXSW. Well, almost. We’re nearly there! There are a few closing ceremonies-like events that are happening this weekend that are free and open to the public; the rodeo, of course, is always a great alternative. So wrap up this conference and enjoy our top event picks for this weekend and look forward to it all turning back to normal.

Ice cream social at Threadgill’s

Your poor kids! I don’t have any offspring, but if I did and we lived in Austin, I’d tell them to stay inside, close the blinds and not to respond to any of the loud, weird noises echoing across the city from downtown. But since most people are better parents than I’ll ever be, there are a few kid-friendly SXSW-related events, like Threadgill’s ice cream social all day Friday, with live music and free ice cream from Amy’s. The best part for harried parents and worn out kids alike: there’s plenty of seating.

Auditorium Shores

Because you’re not better than a free Flaming Lips show overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Yes, the annual, massive live stage open to all of Austin is back, with acts performing through Saturday. Friday’s performances include the aforementioned Lips, the Divine Fits and Jim James. The day’s weather may be heating back up to Texas-approved levels, but nighttime is still coming to a nice, cool crisp — it’s a nice way to close out the chaos of SXSW.

St. Patrick’s Day

The partying doesn’t have to end just because half of downtown isn’t closed off and Sixth Treet returns to its regular flavor of debauchery — Fado’s Irish Pub is having pre-St. Paddy’s specials and celebrations and having a blowout, all-day outdoor festival on the day in earnest. On Sunday, starting 11 a.m. they’re kicking the Irish holiday off with a host of live music and a traditional Irish breakfast. Also: bagpipes!

Eric Clapton

I know, I know, I know: you’re sick of live music. Sick of it. You’ve spent the better half of this week sweating and getting elbowed in the face at the Mohawk and had to wait in long lines for port-a-potties at Stubb’s. But... it’s Eric Clapton. The three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer knows how to make a jam. This guy was the soundtrack to your slow dances and even your parents' slow dances at every high school dance ever. You know what songs I’m talking about. He’s at the Frank Erwin center this Sunday with The Wallflowers.