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$10 million marijuana crop discovered near Conroe

$10 million marijuana crop discovered near Conroe

Federal, state and local officials are scrambling to find a band of sophisticated pot farmers after discovering fields of nearly 20,000 marijuana plants southwest of Conroe. Authorities estimate the value of the crop at a whopping $10 million.

According to Scott Jengle of the Montgomery County Police Reporter blog, the pot patches were nestled so far into a wooded area off FM 2854 that law enforcement officials were forced to cut a trail with several bulldozers.

“It is obvious the plants have been there and cultivated for some time,” Conroe police sergeant Dorcy Riddle tells the Courier of Montgomery County. “There was evidence of living arrangements out there including cots, water pumps, a generator and other items.”

For more than a week, investigators staked out the six separate fields. Unable to spot anyone involved in the massive grow operation, officials started clearing away the plants Wednesday morning,  unleashing a loud collective sigh from area stoners.

Police officers say the crops were "well maintained" for several months in a low-lying part of the woods. The plants would have been ready to harvest in October.

The property owner has claimed to be unaware of the farm and continues to cooperate with authorities. 

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Conroe police discovered a field of green worth $10 million. Redheaded Blackbelt