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Austin's new mermaid school splashes into local workout scene

Austin's new mermaid school splashes into local workout scene

AquaMermaid mermaid swimming
A new fitness class combines the fun of being a mermaid with a low-impact workout. Photo courtesy of AquaMermaid
AquaMermaid mermaid swimming
AquaMermaid will also travel to host classes.  Photo courtesy of AquaMermaid
AquaMermaid mermaid swimming
AquaMermaid mermaid swimming

Fulfill your mermaid dreams while getting fit at AquaMermaid, a new mermaid school opening on October 6 inside Nitro Swimming at 
1310 Toro Grande Blvd. in Cedar Park. A low-impact exercise class combining a monofin and synchronized swimming, AquaMermaid is designed to give people the benefit of a full-body workout along with the fun of transforming into a mermaid.

During the class, participants wear a stretch-fabric mermaid tail with a monofin attached to the end. Swimming with this piece of equipment helps tone your core, legs, and glutes, and can also improve your swimming power, grace, and performance.

Classes include an introduction to the dolphin kick (the main movement used) and other techniques, as well as drills and practices, games and challenges. (And for the Instagram users among us — built-in free time for photo opportunities.)

Passionate about swimming, founder Marielle Chartier Hénault was inspired to start AquaMermaid after watching a Facebook video about a mermaid school in Germany. She was excited about the idea of a unique, artistic alternative to the more traditional fitness programs out there.

Hénault says participants enjoy how mermaid school combines “the fantasy of transforming into a beautiful mermaid, the feeling of flying really fast through water, and a great workout.”

AquaMermaid doesn’t just cater to adults; they also offer classes for kids ages seven and up. Children can have a blast pretending they’re mermaids while also advancing their swimming abilities.

People of all genders and swimming levels are welcome at AquaMermaid. A monthly membership, which includes one hour of class and one hour of free swim per week, costs $75 a month. Individual classes cost $60 per session.

In addition to swimming classes, AquaMermaid hosts mermaid parties, which can make for a special birthday, bachelorette party, or team building outing. Want to splash in the privacy of your own pool? AquaMermaid also travels to other pools for events upon request. 

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