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Moontower Adds More Big Names

From Portlandia to popular podcasts: Moontower Festival adds more big names to 2014 lineup

comedian Marc Maron sitting on a couch
Marc Maron is returning to Austin in April 2014, likely to talk about punk rock and his cats. Photo courtesy of Serial Optimist
Austin photo: news_ryan_sxsw comedy lineup_feb 2013_fred armisen
Fred Armisen will keep a busy schedule in Austin, returning to SXSW Comedy in March and then Moontower Comedy in April. Courtesy of Washington City Paper
Fred Armisen performing as punk rocker Ian Rubbish
Legendary punk rocker Ian Rubbish will be the special guest of comedian Fred Armisen during Moontower Comedy Festival. Photo courtesy of
comedian Marc Maron sitting on a couch
Austin photo: news_ryan_sxsw comedy lineup_feb 2013_fred armisen
Fred Armisen performing as punk rocker Ian Rubbish

The Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival has added even more big names to the already star studded lineup.

Just added to the schedule of comedians is Fred Armisen, Saturday Night Live alum and co-creator of IFC's hit show, Portlandia. Armisen will also be appearing during SXSW Comedy in March with his Portlandia counterpart Carrie Brownstein, but he'll be joined by another guest when he returns for Moontower in April. Ian Rubbish (formerly of the classic British punk band Ian Rubbish and the Bizarros) is set to take part in Moontower alongside Armisen.

Also added to the list is Marc Maron, who was a fixture at last year's Moontower Fest and will make his grand return to the Paramount Theatre. Maron recorded his hit podcast series, WTF with Marc Maron, twice last year in Austin, first during SXSW and again during Moontower. Maron is also coming off the recent success of his own IFC series, Maron

Both Maron and Armisen are welcome additions to the year's impressive lineup, which includes Hannibal Buress, Maria Bamford, Demetri Martin, the Kids in the Hall sketch comedy gang, Dennis Miller and many more. Moontower also estimates that there are around 50 early bird Fan Badges still available at discounted prices. And due to crazy demand, Aziz Ansari will perform a third show on April 19 the week before Moontower, so grab those tickets before they also disappear.


Moontower Comedy Festival will take place from April 23 - 26.

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