Fringe Austin Radio

New radio station Fringe Austin 105.3 FM goes on air Monday with J.B. and Sandy

Fringe Austin 105.3 FM goes on air Monday with J.B. and Sandy

Sandy McIlree and J.B. Hager radio show hosts
It's official. Sandy McIlree and JB Hager are coming back to Austin airwaves on Fringe Austin. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Fringe Austin, the city’s newest radio station, is launching Monday, April 21 and bringing your old morning show friends, J.B. and Sandy, back to the airwaves. 

Early Thursday morning, local radio veteran Bob Cole of KOKE FM announced that Fringe Austin’s radio frequency will be 105.3 FM (currently one of KOKE FM's three frequencies). J.B. Hager and Sandy McIlree sat in on the KOKE FM show, as a primer for their new morning show which returns after the weekend. 

Fringe Austin is a joint venture between Cole and Jason Nassour, both of whom own KOKE FM, and it will be part of a five-station radio group known as the Austin Radio Network. Each station will be independently owned by local investors. Fringe Austin's profile will feature a mix of new rock and indie bands, reflecting the station's preference for off-center music that falls outside of the corporate radio realm.

The station’s morning show will be helmed by Hager and McIlree, who left their longtime home on Mix 94.7 FM late last year. After nearly 18 years on the air, Hager left after station management decided not to renew his contract; McIlree soon followed. While looking for a new home on the radio, the two were attracted to Fringe's independent nature.

Fringe will also employ the talents of producer Jason Desjardins as well as program director and radio veteran Ray Seggern, formerly of 101X's Chillville. Seggern will fill in as the station's afternoon deejay.