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'Tis the season for Alamo Drafthouse holiday fun — and tributes to Anchorman 2

What's in store this Alamo Drafthouse holiday fun season

Orson Welles standing on mound of newspapers to promote Citizen Kane
Celebrate the News in Cinema with the Alamo Drafthouse in December, featuring classics such as Citizen Kane. Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Christmas photo of N Sync with Mickey Mouse for Action Pack Xmas Pops sing along cropped
The Action Pack's Xmas Pops Sing-Along will get you into the spirit with appearances by 'N Sync. Who needs Bing Crosby? Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer with Hermey the Elf
Master Pancake will take a few shots at Rudolph and more during their annual Xmas Show mock of holiday classics. Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthousee
Orson Welles standing on mound of newspapers to promote Citizen Kane
Christmas photo of N Sync with Mickey Mouse for Action Pack Xmas Pops sing along cropped
Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer with Hermey the Elf

December is the magical month of the year, packed with the most awkward parties you can imagine — and you can’t avoid any of them. There will be the awkward office party, which is always followed by the annual “emergency HR holiday meeting.” You will, of course, have to attend the awkward New Year’s Eve party at your friend’s house, which is always followed by embarrassing New Year’s Day apologies. And don’t even get started on the delicate conversations with relatives during Christmas dinner.

There’s no way to avoid these traumatic events, but to help ease the dread and pain, the Alamo Drafthouse will have some choice options for entertainment that can either get you in the spirit of the holidays or take your mind off of navigating the emotional minefields of December’s social interactions.

The News in Cinema: All the News That’s Fit to Watch

In case you somehow weren’t aware, the much-anticipated sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is finally coming out with a new adventure for Ron Burgundy and the legendary news team from San Diego. To celebrate the men and women seeking the truth no matter what the cost, the news will be on the march at the Alamo Drafthouse this month.

You have the go-to journalism classic, All the President’s Men, as well as a few choices that also feature journalists as the protagonists but are a bit more fun, such as Almost Famous or Superman. If you want to treat your inner cinephile, don’t miss this rare chance to catch Citizen Kane on the big screen and spend the rest of December reminding your friends why it is “the perfect movie.”

Holiday Themed Sing-Alongs and Quote-Alongs

The Action Pack will have a packed schedule this month with a long list of Christmas tributes, screening your favorite movies that feature the mishaps of Kevin McAllister or Ralphie, the boy who struggled to get his one Christmas gift, only to have it backfire on him (spoiler alert, I guess?). Quote out with your favorite Christmas comedies, including Home Alone, A Christmas Story and Bad Santa, among others.

And in case you want to do some caroling without the risk of frostbite and with more contemporary music, be sure to check out the Xmas Pops Sing-Along. It’s a just like the Action Pack’s music video karaoke shows but with a more songs by Mariah Carey, Wham, ‘N Sync and many more pop stars from days gone by.

Master Pancake Presents the Annual Xmas Show

Austin’s premier mockers of movies will take a break from verbally eviscerating the top Hollywood blockbusters to instead focus on getting you into a merry holiday mood with a cavalcade of movies that inevitably take over the airwaves in December — think The Grinch or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The event is more of a clip show, but expect the funny trio of Master Pancake to run through the classics with fast and sharp wit, along with some R-rated language. Don’t think of these guys as a bunch of Scrooges. This is just how pop-culture maestros pay tribute to Christmas.

Rockin’ New Year's Eve Music Video Dance Party

If, for whatever reason, you want to skip the holiday celebrations for more or less the entirety of December, remember that the Drafthouse will be hosting one big sing-along on the night that 2013 ends. At the Ritz downtown location, dance and sing to another of the Action Pack’s music video karaoke parties; instead of Auld Lang Syne on repeat, it’s a collection of their favorite pop music videos from the past year.

So reminisce with Miley, JT and Gaga, take a toast when the clock strikes midnight and welcome 2014 with more dancing in the theater and right outside on Sixth Street. It's the guaranteed way to make sure the new year comes in like a wrecking ball.